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TASK 4  - Create a Mood Board

Your task for today:


Step 1) Download Pinterest (if you haven't already - it's such a great app for finding inspo)


Step 2) Create a private board and call it ‘Brand Discovery’


Step 3) Use this checklist below when searching for inspiration. 


Choose an adjective that describes your brand (luxury, rough, spiritual, dainty, playful, corporate, creative, etc) and type in the search bar:

  • “[adjective] branding design”

  • “[Adjective] colour palette”

  • “[Adjective] brand photography”


Here’s some other search bar pointers:

“Logo styles”

  • (this part isn't about the colour but more about the style/composition of the logo. Do you prefer dainty linework, bold, rough, colourful etc)


“Brand Style Guidelines”

  • (this is a document outlining the use of your branding elements - but a great way to see how branding all ties together)


“Font pairings” 

  • “Branded packaging design”


Reminder: Add images that you feel drawn to, that reflect your brand purpose, personality and vision.


Step 4) Reflection:

Go back through your mood board and notice if there is a repetitive style occurring. If there is, that's great!


If not, go back though and filter out the images that don't excite you as much (keeping in mind the checklist pointers and everything else you've learnt from this course)


Step 5) you now have a unique mood board to come back to that visually represents your brand personality & style. You can use this when you're creating design & marketing material for your business and when outsourcing work to a professional such as a branding designer.


Hopefully that structure has saved you time and gained you more aligned inspiration for your brand.


I want to share one last trick before I end the brand discovery toolkit!


I love this trick! I have used it personally for my own brand and I also use it with my clients when creating their branding design. It's super simple and fun!


When it comes to choosing brand colours, it can be tricky. You might be thinking:


How do I know what colours represent my brand?


If you've been struggling to decide on a colour palette for your brand. (this is something I, or a brand designer would help create for you) but if you want to find some inspiration yourself, see my instagram post to try this trick:


Have fun!

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