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TASK 1  - The cure for your lack of brand clarity

Discovering your PURPOSE


Your brand's purpose is simply the reason why your brand exists. It's the emotional connection you have to your brand, what your brand means to you and your audience and what your brand stands for, (your ‘why’).


Getting clear on your brand's purpose is one of the core foundations of discovering your brand identity. (along with, vision, values & dream audience, which I will help you uncover in the next email). By reflecting on your brand's purpose you can ease uncertainty, overwhelm and distraction, making you more confident about your brand.


Get out your phone and open the voice recorder app. Talk for 3 minutes (or more if you get carried away - that's great!)


Start your sentence with …

“My business exists because…”


Here are some prompts to help you:


  • Finance/income

  • Passion/desire

  • Lifestyle

  • Mindset

  • Short term/long term goals

  • Your unique selling point


Save your recording to come back to throughout this course. To get a deeper connection to your WHY and the PURPOSE for your business.


If you’re not comfortable recording yourself talking, you can complete this task in the form of journaling/typing/note making etc. whatever feels right for you.

Have fun! :)

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