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Are you struggling to simmer down the self limiting beliefs that often come with owning your own business?

Affirmations are the assertion that something exists or is true. Daily affirmations can help shift your mindset and give you the nudge you need to start believing in the things you feel you're lacking in your life.

If you want to start believing in yourself & your business more, and say F**K YOU to the negative & limiting beliefs your brain is providing you with, affirmations are a very helpful practice.

Before I dive straight in with some supportive affirmations, (I want you to stay with me for a minute here while I explain something I wish I didn't skip over when i was learning all this stuff). I'd like to advise, before doing your affirmations and hoping for the best, be very mindful of the negative/limiting thoughts that are popping into your head. Acknowledge them and accept that they have come to pay you a visit. Maybe you even need to dig a little deeper into where these thoughts are coming from within your roots. Once you've acknowledged them in your head, notice that they're not your reality. You get to choose if you believe them or not.

And this is where the affirmations come into play. They will help you choose to NOT believe those thoughts.

Heres 5 affirmations that you can implement into your daily routine (say them outloud to yourself each day) to help reduce self limiting beliefs...

These affirmations are ones that I've found helpful and supportive. However if these don't feel right for you, please rewrite them, make up your own or research others until you find ones that truly align with you.

Do you use daily affirmations?

Let me know what they are in the comments section on my Instagram post!


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