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Are you a Conscious Business owner with great ideas, values and intentions, but struggling to stay consistent with goals and tasks?

You're not alone! I struggled with this for a while, going around in circles, not really getting anywhere. When I started reflecting, I started seeing momentum build up and things started happening…

I recently shared a post about this on my Instagram. But I wanted to go into a bit more detail to help those of you who are reading this, as I assume you’re taking your business seriously and want to level up?

When we’re in Autopilot mode, it can often result in us being disconnected to the work we're doing, and sometimes to ourselves.

Do you find yourself constantly busy and having loads of tasks on your to-do list, but never seem to be getting anywhere or seeing the big results you want?

I like to call this ‘Busy Work’.

My definition of busy work: Doing lots of things, in a rushed state, none of which are mindful/priority action to achieving your goals.

Sound familiar?

Here's where my wake up moment happened for me...

When I was getting my shit together to make it work as a Freelance Designer, one of my big (mindful & priority) tasks was to upload my design packages onto my website. I knew this would help me attract clients and get work booked in, which was my goal. But instead, I kept putting it off and filled my to-do list with lots of busy work such as creating a new mock up, and posting on my story. These tasks were helpful and beneficial, but I wasn't going to get anywhere near my goal without uploading my design and branding packages.

(Similar to procrastinating. However when I'm in procrastinating mode, I will add tasks to my to do list like, clean the bathroom, or put the washing on - I don't even like housework, so what's that all about! But that’s a topic for a different day)

Anyways, I got fed up with not having enough time because of all the ‘busy work’ I was setting myself, so I decided to reflect…

After researching goal setting strategies and such, I started to implement my own simple strategy which has helped me stay more focused…

Follow this simple process to go from auto pilot to being more mindful in your business (and life)

Of course, this might not work for everyone, I am no expert. But this worked, and is working for me and my business so hopefully it will help some of you!


Thank you for reading. For more conscious content follow me on the Gram

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