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Have you ever felt so drawn to a product/service, one that you know you truly want and is right for you, but walked away when you saw the price tag?

I definitely have!

Soooooo many times I've missed out on things & opportunities that I know would have been perfect for me and would help me learn, grow and level up in life and business, all because I was put off by the price.

Well, it's time to shift the subconscious associations we have with price/money/value etc, and trust our intuition when it tells us that there's a reason we keep coming back to this certain ‘thing’.

If you're reading this and the ‘thing’ you keep coming back to Branding & Design… but the designer you really want to work with is out of your price range and you think you can DIY, or ask your friends grandma to get her son’s cousin to do it for £30, then let me share some advice on why you should follow your intuition and why your dream designers price is more worth it then just ‘making do’.


Your intuition (gut feeling) does not lie! When you get a ‘feeling’ about something, whether you know it or not, it's the universe's way of nudging you towards something you’ve been manifesting. When we listen to these nudges and act on them, we align ourselves with our true desires and more things we want come our way. But, when we ignore the nudges, the opposite happens. When you fight your intuition we’re basically telling the universe we don't want that thing, therefore we become unaligned with what we truly desire.

Make sense?


Here’s some points to open your mind up as to why a professional designer could charge more than £100 for logo design...

There's a lot of contributing factors as to why a professional designer prices are higher than buying a premade logo offline or DIY’in your own on canva.

If you're serious about levelling up your business, investing in branding and design is a smart move!

Of course though, money is something we need to spend wisely and everyone has different incomes and financial situations. I am by no means encouraging you to spend money you don't have.

I encourage you to save, invest and look at payment options that are suitable, healthy and sustainable for YOU.

Am I the designer you're feeling drawn to work with?

Check out how I help my clients level up their business with timeless & professional Branding & Design - HERE

Got questions you'd like to ask me?


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